Are you interested in building a sense of community in your organization, town or group? PeaceCircles encourage genuine communication and create opportunities for learning about others which builds co-opperative teams.The goal of a Community Peace Circle is to bring a diverse group of people together in a safe environment to share experiences so they will have a greater sense of understanding for one another. Participants will learn to appreciate similarities and respect differences. The goal is to break down any barriers and stereotypes and facilitate honest dialogue that will bring members closer together. When peace is felt within it ripples out to the world.

The Peace circle event is designed to promote equality, respect and tolerance. Through story telling participants will share life experiences and work toward creating a caring community and experience a feeling of connection.

Some inquiries that could be explored are:

  • What does community mean to you?
  • How do you feel connected in the community?
  • What are some of the strengths of your community/city?
  • What are some positive changes you want to see made that would strengthen the community?

Community Peace Circles are appropriate for established or newly forming groups. Anyone can create a “purpose driven” group or join a newly forming group. If you or your group desire to feel a sense of connectedness that seems missing in your everyday interactions, this is an innovative way to improve the working environment.


Together we can impact our world, 
starting in our own back yard. 
As Mohandas Gandhi wisely advised,
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Fort Collins, Colorado



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